Matrix Policy

Commissioning and Contracts

We deliver large-scale strategic change within budget tolerances, taking corrective action on contract performance when required. Internal and external performance management of large organisations with robust contract review and outcomes development is carried out, fostering a culture of learning that embeds a philosophy of improvement in practice and deliverance of outcomes. This is all achieved through developing standards, defining quality and implementing performance dashboards.

The management of complex contractual arrangements, renegotiation of contracts and management of in-year contractual issues is also handled, with the redesign of large contracts to realign the incentives in the contract model to address significant under-performance and improve quality of service whilst maintaining constructive relationships.

We also complete needs assessment, strategic capacity review, and market assessments, reviewing the need for new healthcare services and producing project, business, financial and communication plans that oversee the development of new services. We redesign the service and care pathways that improve patient experience, clinical outcomes and demonstrate value for money, including, but not exclusive to; formal procurement, process redesign and financial contract modeling.

Other Specialist Areas of Healthcare Consultancy: